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Cars at
The Mill


Posted 5 years ago



When a new show surfaces we are always keen to check it out so when Cars At The Mill was announced we penciled the date into our calendar.

Based in Broughshane, just outside Ballymena, the Raceview Mill is a great setting for a show. While it’s usually home to small independent traders, artists, market stalls and even the odd wedding, on Sunday it was host to a few hundred modified cars ranging from classic to modern day.

With a couple of indoor areas and a handful of separated show areas it felt more like a little display village where around every corner there was something different to see, rather than the usual scenes of cars parked up in one massive show area.

Sadly we were only able to attend the event for just over an hour and more cars were arriving as we were leaving but what we did see definitely grabbed our attention. This 1959 Chevrolet Apache for example is not something you would expect to see at a show on our shores.

In one of the indoor sections were show sponsors McMillian Porsche who had two great examples of the brand on their stand. Robin Ashfield’s 944 S2 has gone a long way to change my opinion of what many people consider to be the “ugly Porsche”.

This is probably a good opportunity to talk about a car that doesn’t as much attention as it should. You may know Peter Warnock for his work in the early days of Fitted State but these days his time has been more focused on his MX5. Not one to follow trends ‘Pedro’ has become infamous for his ‘fuck what you think’ attitude when it comes to doing what he enjoys with cars (this is the same guy who had shagpile carpet and a doorbell in his Clio after all).

Every story needs a conclusion so I’d like to say congratulations to Colin, Jayme & the rest of the team on putting on a great first show. It was a refreshing change of pace to our usual show calendar and hopefully the first of many.