Our First Event

Part 1


Posted 5 years ago



After a year of planning, we teamed up with Blackwater Graphics and Blok 51 to present Built - a celebration of automotive creations.

Fitted State is now 3 years old and over those 3 years we have gone to many shows and reported back on what was good, what was bad, what we loved and what we didn’t. So when we were approached by the guys from Blok 51 & Blackwater Graphics about running a show of our own we decided it was time to shit or get off the pot!

After a lot of discussions it was clear if this was going to work we were going to have to do something different and so the concept of Built was born. Built isn’t about a particular style or manufacturer of cars, it’s a celebration of the creativity and skills that go into taking a car and making it your own! While we marketed it to 4 main areas (stance, modified, classic and track ready) we accepted all kinds of entries – for us, as long as it was interesting it didn’t matter! I mean where else are you gonna see a Bedford Rascal with a motorbike engine parked beside a Porsche 911 GT3, a Chevrolet Apache truck and some race karts?

The standard of entries was simply mind blowing and it didn’t take long for the Titanic Exhibition Centre to fill up with quality machinery. Truth be told we could have probably filled the place 3 times over but with limited space we decided quality was better than quantity, taping out the entire centre with large spaces so that visitors had plenty of room to appreciate each and every vehicle.

While the cars were the main attraction of the show, there were a number of other things to view and enjoy. Our host for the day, Chris Suitor, took to the stage for a number of interviews. First up was British Superbike rider, Andy Reid, who was followed up by Moto GP legend, Jeremy McWilliams. It was then the turn for the rally boys as Jonny Greer, Joe McGonigle and Alastair Fisher took to the stage to discuss their careers.

Some of our traders even bought into our concept of doing something different. The guys from Saut After, who also provided the music on the day, brought their pop up shop which featured a large range of merch for sale as well as 2 custom cafe racers, free coffee and a barber to help freshen up those who had spent too many late nights in their garage on the lead up to the show.

Out front in the foyer, Old School BMX reminded us where it all started with 30 custom BMX’s on display. Our personal favourite, a Raleigh Burner with yellow mag wheels, took us back to simpler times when our pockets were empty and it was mud rather than oil behind our finger nails!

Awards for the show were taken care of by 10 independent judges who are widely respected in automotive circles. They gave us their recommendations for each award and let’s just say this proved difficult as every judge came back with a completely different list of cars – a credit to the quality of machinery that you all entered into the show. Finally, however, we started to see some patterns and our winners were as follows:

Best Outdoor
Ford Sierra Cosworth – D234 PRO

Wheel Whores Best Wheels Award
Land Rover Defender – BIG 252

Top 10
Porsche 911 – NLZ 20
Subaru Impreza – 03-LS-3222
Ford Escort Cosworth – OXI 9999
Volkswagen Beetle – NTW 264C
Ford F100 Pick Up – 917 YUP
Metro 6R4 – A658 NJO
Triumph GT6 – CIJ 9369
Volkswagen Golf – L80 WVW
BMW E30 – D513 ABV

We had the two main awards of the day; Built Choice and Car of the Show! The Built Choice award was given to someone who put incredible time and effort into making their car what it is today and this year it went to an Audi 100 Coupe owned by Paul Casey. Paul is an engineer and fabricator by trade and he undertook a massive restoration project over three years to get the car ready for his wedding. Cutting large sections out of the car and replacing them Paul resorted his Coupe back to better than factory spec with a nut and bolt restoration that left it in Concours condition. Incredible work!

Matthew Bell took home top honours of the day lifting the Car of the Show Award for his MK2 Ford Escort. Just like Paul’s Audi, Matthew’s Escort is a labour of love with just the right amount of crazy provided by a Nissan SR20DET engine with a Garrett turbo that pushes over 400hp in such a light shell.

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone who entered the show, our sponsors CIP Insurance, Kleen Freaks, Wheel Whores & Hexis, Juicy Details for making the journey over from England, Neil Chapman and Graham McClung for bringing cars over from Scotland, all our helpers, the Titanic Exhibition Centre and their staff, particularly Becky and most importantly everyone who came along to check out the show – we hope you enjoyed yourselves! Built 2018 anyone?