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Built 2018
Part 2


Posted 4 years ago



In Part 1 we talked about the show, in Part 2 we talk about what makes the show - the cars. We have our favourites, what were yours?

I’ve been bitten by the late 80’s / early 90’s Japanese sports car bug lately so when an entry for this 1988 Toyota Soarer dropped into our inbox I was in my element. Owned by Ron Hamilton, it has been rebuilt from the ground up over the past 4 years, receiving a 1JZ swap, some SSr Keonig wheels and super JDM yellow window tints. You don’t see these very often, let alone in such good condition so thanks for bringing it to show off!

Another 1JZ swapped car that got my attention was Ryan Bell’s Nissan Silvia s15. There’s definitely something in the water up in Banbridge… last year his brother Matthew took home our car of the show for his SR20 swapped MK2 Escort (no prizes for guessing where the SR20 came from!) and Ryan went home this year with Auto Finesse’s car of the show award. Sitting at 500hp courtesy of a Borg-Warner turbo, the engine bay is as clean as the exterior of the car while the interior is simple and dominated by a pair of Recaro Pole Positions.

Now for something a little less oriental – a good old English built Ford. If you told me beforehand that one of my favourite cars would be an 1982 MK3 Escort, and it wasn’t an XR3, I would have called a psychiatrist for you. Truth be told I don’t know why I enjoy this so much, it not something I ever thought I would enjoy – but thats the beauty of Built. Running a 2.0 litre Zetec engine with bike carbs, a full RS Turbo running gear and Cosworth brakes, Darren McAllister has turned an old family saloon into worth giving a second, and third, look.

Lee Docherty’s MK3 Golf Harlequin is a car you should all be familiar with, especially you OG readers. We featured this car 4 years ago not long after we were first founded. A lot changes in 4 years, but yet here we are, still talking about it – and that’s a credit to Lee. It’s very easy to build a car to one look, say that it’s done and move onto the next one. He is stuck by his ‘Harly’ and this, the 4th makeover for the car, takes a major styling influence from the early 2000’s and may just be it’s best look yet.

Car of the show for me was a no brainer and it seemed our judging panel agreed. I’ve already spoke before about Aaron Black’s BMW E30 in our Dubshed report but he took it to a whole new level at Built thanks to our very own Adam Hamill. With his BBS RS split, Adam stepped in and lent him some wheels for the day, but not just any wheels, some BBS E50, face-mounted, zero lip, centre-locked, magnesium wheels and in our eyes it has never looked better (seriously, how does he ever top this look?).

Add this to the fact that the E30 is already the perfect show car with a smoothed and tucked pay, paint like glass and an immaculate interior and its hard to look past.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who came and supported the show – we can never extend our gratitude enough because without you, there is no show. Hopefully you can join us again next year – keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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