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For Enzo


Posted 6 years ago



It's not often we write a post about a person rather than a car, but in Enzo's case we're more than happy to make an exception.

You see, back in January Enzo’s mother, Hayley, took him to the doctors after noticing he was having trouble running and keeping up with other kids of his age. After numerous tests five year old Enzo was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a life changing disease that could see Enzo in a wheelchair by the age of 8-10 and sadly, it is possible that he may not live past the age of 20.

At the moment there is no treatment available in the UK however in America there is a drug being trialled. As you can imagine getting Enzo to America and keeping him there for treatment will be very expensive and so this past weekend there were two great events held to aid.

The first was an entertainment night in Wolseys, Bangor and a car show, organised by Enzo’s father, Mark Stewart, and his friends & family.

Between the two events, a Go Fund Me page and generous donations a grand total of £13,000 was raised for Enzo.

Mark & Hayley would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. From auction items, raffle prizes, the venues, those who helped and those who simply turned up to show their support.