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Posted 7 years ago



One event to unite them all - Dave Egan's new monthly brainchild Auto Heroes makes its debut at Mondello Park.

Being based in Northern Ireland we are quite blessed with the number of good shows we have every year in such a small country – our friends in the south however, aren’t so fortunate. Dave Egan of Irish Drift Championship fame and this team plan to right that wrong.

Auto Heroes, the first of a series of monthly events, aims to join all automotive subcultures in one place in the multi functional Mondello Park. With Drift Practice, Grip Practice on the International loop, Gymkhana arena, Freestyle slab, Hard Parked Show & Shine area and even a drift demo from IDC drivers there was something for everyone.

Unfortunately being in England at Ultimate Stance and I was unable to witness the event first hand but everyone I have spoke to has claimed it to be a roaring success. The attendances for being the first event of its kind were encouraging and hopefully this has laid the foundations for regular future events.

I’m still skeptical to see weather or not the monthly format will work, especially coming into winter months when mindsets change and people turn towards building a new car or improving their current one for the forthcoming year however I look forward to attending their next event on December 5th to take it all in personally.