Fitted State



Posted 6 years ago



Today's car scene is very much split into groups, with the manufacturer or the origin of the car being the glue that bonds everyone together.

While we all like various marques and styles of cars, we can all agree on one thing – pushing the limits – wether it be fitment, performance or other modifications. We believe in quality, so whether your car is VAG, Jap, Track, whatever… if it’s interesting, we want to know.

In 2014 we aim to feature the finest metal we can find in both photo and video format. You will also find us on the road taking photos at shows and showing off some of our best feature cars.

We have built Fitted State for you… we know that you’re rarely near a computer when talking about cars with your friends so we’ve optimised the site for use on mobile phones and tablets. Now you can show your friends our latest feature – or that picture we took of your car at Dubshed – at a meet, while working in your garage or when you’re out for a beer… just don’t do it while driving!

We’re working hard shooting some fresh new content so until then why not check out our first feature, Mark Stewart’s Nissan Silvia PS13, like our Facebook page, get following us on Instagram or head over to our shop and help support us by buying some merchandise which is in stock and ready to ship.