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Posted 7 years ago



After attending keepitclean's inaugural Cleanfest last year, we returned to Scotland to check out the 2015 event.

First of all let me apologise for the small amount of photos – one of the major disadvantages of being based in Northern Ireland is that if we want to attend a mainland show we need to get a boat and boats are expensive! Thankfully there are deals out there and we were able to get one, however it meant that we had to drive all night and when we arrived at the show at 7am I was in dire need of a sleep!

So, having made the journey from Cairnryan, through Glasgow and Edinburgh we entered Fife Airport and once again were the first people to arrive. The private airfield is a quirky location for a show with the buildings and landscape providing lots of unique little areas to display cars – there were even a few planes on show too.

One thing that sticks out about the keepitclean guys is that the level of detail they go into is incredible. From little things like the etched plastic passes for the VIP spaces to to the outstanding trophies that were hand crafted using old car parts – they know that attention to detail counts and they really go out of their way to make their show the very best it can be. They even managed to resolve last years issues with LED lighting being added to brigthen the hangers and a wider range of food (including pizzas) on sale.

There was a great standard of cars on display some we recognised from last year and some we have never seen before. Among our favourites was Scott McClure’s VW Up! which has just had a full respray and rolls hard as f*#k on a set of Gotti G1001’s. Another of the guys to make the journey over was Steven Toner (you might remember his 350z) and his Mini Cooper S which he wrapped specially for the show in Shell racing colours – he may have also borrowed some seats and wheels from Adam. We were also fans of Ford Fitsimmon’s Audi RS5 which wore a set of Rotiform OZT’s and “Sheep’s” Scirocco which we had seen earlier this year at Dubshed.

As it was last year, the awards where split into a Top 10 as well as trophies for wheels, paint, static, air, interior engine and car of the show. There was also sponsors awards from Wheel Whores and Break Necks.

Congratulations to the keepitclean team for another fantastic show and to the weatherman who done the unthinkable and predicted a dry day in Scotland. We look forward to seeing what the third instalment has in store.