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Posted 6 years ago



Cleanfest - 400 miles, 3 boats (2 caught, 1 missed) and a great weekend catching up with some familiar faces in Scotland.

Over the years we have become good friends with the guys at keepitclean – they visit us every year for Dubshed & Titanic Dubs and we usually bump into each other at Edition. For the last 3 years though, we have been making the trip over to their annual show Cleanfest. Held in the hangers and surrounding runway of Fife Airport the show has been a big hit and continues to grow in size and quality every year.


The keepitclean guys really know that details matter – infact I said this last year too – but every year they do something else that adds quality and makes the show better and better. This year the introduction of a stage where cars could be driven onto was the latest and greatest attraction. Throughout the day cars were invited on stage and their owners were interviewed by KIC’s resident chatty man Michael Scott.


Truth be told we were actually planning on giving the show a miss this year – with FittedUK on the cards for next weekend we didn’t think we could make both – but we were glad we didn’t, although it wasn’t simple. Leaving Belfast on Saturday afternoon – we made it to the boat with minutes to spare – at least thats what we thought. Instead we got turned away and had to rebook on the later 7:30pm boat which meant we didn’t get to Glenrothes until 1:30am in the morning. Thankfully we made it there in once piece, unlike poor Jack Hutchins who managed to rip off and run over the bumper of his R56 Mini Cooper while crossing the Forth Bridge.


Once again the standard of cars was great – my personal favourite being Craig Leven’s candy red MK5 Golf GTi. No stone has been unturned – from the stance and rare wheels to the McLaren seats and endless alcantara in the interior and boot it really is a complete build. The keepitclean boys also like to lead by example with Chris’ Tiguan, Stu’s R32, Mikey’s Lupo, Paul’s E34, Darren’s MK5 GTI & Angus’ TT all looking on point.


As the day came to a close the KIC guys added the icing on the cake by inviting each of the winners to drive on stage to collect their trophy which I felt was a nice touch. Until next year guys…