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Posted 8 years ago



Travelling across the Irish Sea, we undertook an epic road trip to check out Keep It Clean's first show, Cleanfest at Fife Airport.

Last month we were standing in a damp airfield just outside Londonderry when some friends recommended joining them on their trip to Cleanfest. We hadn’t given it much thought at that point but after hearing more and more about it we knew it was a show we couldn’t miss. Fast forward a month and we were standing in another damp airfield, enjoying one of our favourite shows of the year.

Being based in Northern Ireland, every trip to mainland UK starts off with a boat journey. While we often complain about the cost, our extra leg of travel always adds an extra level of fun and camaraderie that we don’t get with local shows. From competing in games of Kinect Sports and Just Dance to lending a hand when someone needs a tow or getting stopped by the police because your friend is wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf on it, our road trips are always memorable.

For Cleanfest we decided to ditch sleep and take the late boat, arriving in Cairnryan at 2am then driving through the night to arrive at Fife Airport at 5:30am where we greeted by the KIC Team who were waiting for access to the venue.

In our convoy we had some of the best cars Northern Ireland has to offer – Niall O’Dowd’s Z4, Steven Toner’s 350z, Pete Matthews’ S4, Mark Stewarts CLS55, Ruairi Coleman’s E36, Dee McConville’s Alfa, Scott Hamilton’s Astra, Ben Emerson’s 335i and of course Clark’s MK5 Golf and Adam’s Up!

Being held in a private airfield, the show had an excellent backdrop with airplanes sitting outside the hangers which had been emptied for the day so that they could be filled with cars. Outside there were traders and a podium where a dj kept the atmosphere pumping while the runway was littered with cars.

With this being the first event KIC had ran we weren’t really sure what to expect but we needn’t have worried as the standard of cars that arrived was very high, with many magazine featured cars in attendance and of course, Alex Begley’s Scirocco which was unveiling a new of custom made Fifteen52 wheels.

After the show we made the journey to Scotts in Troon Yacht Haven for a feed and spirits where high with 4 of our group coming home with hardware:

Steven Toner – Top 10 Cars
Peter Matthews – Top 10 Cars
Clark Caughey – Best Interior
Niall O’Dowd – Best of Show

Weary eyed we made our way back to the boat through some treacherous weather conditions when the car gods decided to step up and dish a blow when Dee’s Alfa decided to vacate itself of oil. Thankfully with some quick thinking and some ratchet straps we were able to tow the car onto the boat and make the journey back to Belfast.

We would like to thank the guys at Keep It Clean for all the hard work they put into running the show, for sorting out our last minute applications and for letting us into the show early. We will definitely be making the trip over again next year…