Our First Event

Part 2


Posted 5 years ago



Built isn’t about a particular style or manufacturer of cars, it’s a celebration of the creativity and skills that go into taking a car and making it your own!

In Part 1 we told you how Built came to be, in Part 2 we are going to look at some of the wide range of cars on display.

First up is Stuart Biggerstaff’s Austin Metro 6R4. Stuart had initially entered his Subaru Impreza S9 World Rally Car but asked could he bring a 6R4 instead. What I didn’t know was that this particular 6R4 was actually Group B royalty! What you see here is the first ever 6R4 built… car No. 1! It was driven by Tony Pond and David Llewllyn in the infamous Group B rallying period. Stuart’s father, Dennis, acquired the car in 1988 after the Group B class was disbanded due to a series of fatal accidents and it has been in the family ever since.

Next on the list is one of the more ‘weird but wonderful’ selections. I haven’t seen a Bedford Rascal since I was in primary school and one drove around our neighbourhood renting VHS tapes, long before the days of Xtravision! Arnie Wallace, however, gets to see this beauty every day. Fully restored and converted into a flatbed, this Rascal lives up to its name as it hides a Suzuki TLr 1000 v-twin superbike engine underneath!

Coming from a family who are obsessed with motorbikes and racing them you would think I would have more of an interest in the two wheeled world! One bike that has peaked my interest over the last year, however, is Andy Mo’s 1981 BMW R45 Cafe Racer.

Barely recognisable from the original, Andy has stripped the bike down to its basics, removing the twin seat in favour of a single bobber style seat. Lower front forks have been fitted while the rear has an entirely new subframe to help provide that aggressive nose down look.

I’ve lusted over Porsche 911’s most of my life without ever getting to drive one. For some unknown reason, Niall O’Dowd trusted me the keys to his 993 for the weekend. Finally getting to drive one of my bucket list cars (even if it only was around the Exhibition Centre) was bittersweet for me – firstly because the chance of me owning one anytime soon is slim and secondly… because I hated it.

Sure, not fitting in the tight bucket seats didn’t help but I got the feeling that the car should never have been built in right-hand drive – I don’t think I could ever get used to driving with the offset pedal box! Still, for me, Niall’s 993 is almost the perfect 911 – it’s very close to what I would do if I owned one and for that, it was one of my favourite cars at the show… even if it ruined my dreams!

Finally we have Peter Matthews’ TT. You may have seen a teaser in the reflection of my R32 a few months ago, but Pete has changed the colour of his already stunning TT. Gone is the mint paint and gold wheels. Replaced with a candy red paint job and bright silver wheels, I think we can all agree that this is the best it has ever looked!

That’s it from Built. Our first ever event was a success in our eyes but how do you feel? Should we do it all again next year?!